・・Bulgaria Organic Melissa Officinalis Tea


–  Improve and promote quality sleep.
Gives you a soothing effect on the skin and depression.
Improved memory and problem solving ability.
Contains large amounts of antioxidants for cellular repair.

•   Packed in Hong Kong from imported ingredient.

•   Included: 1.35g x 6 bags

•   Ingredients: Bulgaria Organic Melissa Officinalis

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Make a perfect cup of Melissa Officinalis Tea:

1. Use 1 organic Melissa Officinalis tea bag.
2.  Add boiling water and seep for approximately 2-3 minutes with cover-
   the longer the seep, the stronger smell of relief you get.
3.  **SUGGEST**  Flavours with ForME HONEY and enjoy.

Size: 120mm (w) x 35mm (d) x 160mm (h)
Gross Weight: 10.1g
Net Weight: 5.1g
Product Origin: Bulgaria
Valid Date: 1 year