・Mint Ginger Herbal Infused Honey 40ml

In the Summer time, we have many way to cool down our body, turn on the air-conditioner, drink a cup of cold water with ice, etc. But all of these ways is not the healthiest way to treat our body.

If you want to enhance the body resistance, we will suggest you to make a good summer drink to yourself. Mint and ginger, can help your stomach feeling better after eating too much cold stuff. High quality natural honey contains vitamins, it can help you when you getting cold discomfort or dizziness.

The cold version of this honey drink, just add few pieces of ice in it, the mint sweet taste can make you feel cool and comfortable!

•  Hong Kong Local Harvest Honey  •

•  ForME HONEY start from the Family-owned beekeeping  •

•   40ml

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We dry up the fresh mint and the ginger slice, put it in the bottle with honey. At the beginning the dry mint and ginger slice is flowing at the top, when it start to absorb the honey, it will start to sink and getting bigger.

At this time, you can open it and enjoy!

•   ForME HONEY warm remind, honey is not suitable for the child under the age of 12 months old.