・・Vanilla Strawberry Herbal Infused Honey 40ml

In the summer time, vanilla and strawberry both of them are very commend flavor in many type of dessert. What if we infuse them to the Honey?
A bit of sour from strawberry can make the honey have more structure, with the rich smell from Vanilla. I am sure that the taste of honey must be better than your Neapolian icecream!

•  Hong Kong Local Harvest Honey  •

•  ForME HONEY start from the Family-owned beekeeping  •

•   190ml

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We choose the Vanilla from Madagascar and the fresh strawberry. We all know that the Vanilla from Madagascar is the best quality in the market. In the research, it has 250 kinds of aromatic components, and 17 kinds of essential amino acids, very rich in smell and high nutritional value. The smell of vanilla and the light sour taste from strawberry mix with the Honey, it will bring out special sweet taste, it is perfect to put on top of any dessert.

•   ForME HONEY warm remind, honey is not suitable for the child under the age of 12 months old.