ForME Guarantee

Natural Honey =/= Sugar
A Spoonful of Natural Energy
Keep the good habit, make yourself a fresh morning! Take a teaspoon of honey mixed with warm water to moisturize your body. Every morning I will take a teaspoon of raw honey, It really can help to boot up the body for the whole day!

Pure Pleasure Honey

When I taste the first drop of fresh raw honey, I am already addicted to it. And I start step by step to use honey to replace sugar in my daily life.
More and more people caring their health nowadays. Except to do more exercise, have a good rest every day. To choose what to eat also very important, the first may try to eat less oil and less salt.

In Hong Kong, it is very common to order “less sweet” when we go to the restaurant to order the beverage. Adding the right amount of sweetness in the drinks and food, it can easily increase appetite. Besides, nutrition also is the main reason to consider. Compare with white sugar, honey definitely is the winner, no matter on the nutrition or on the taste. Healthy natural food always is the best choice in your life!

High Quality Natural Honey Prove From STC
ForME HONEY is 100% Hong Kong local harvest raw honey. Also is one of the brand can seriously detect the own qualityin Hong Kong.

ForME HONEY pursue the best quality honey product to our customer. From design produce, packing, promoting, selling. Keep all the producing process meticulously.

Our BEE Land located in “Tuen Mun, Wo Ping San Tsuen, N.T.”. We did not process our honey, make sure all the honey is fresh and raw. To make sure our Honey product achieves the best quality, we send our honey to the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre for the food safety testing. We request to check the Metallic Contamination, and the result can show that the environment next to the BEE Land, at least in 5 km area, there have “0% Metal Toxicity”, is one of the best place to produce the raw honey in Hong Kong.

Test Report Result:

  • Antimony content, (Not Detected)
  • Arsenic content (As2O3) , (Not Detected)
  • Cadmium content, (Not Detected)
  • Chromium content, (Not Detected)
  • Lead content, (Not Detected)
  • Mercury content, (Not Detected)
  • Tin content, (Not Detected)

*Our Honey product complied with the Hong Kong Food Adulteration (Metallic Contamination) Regulations Maximum permitted concentration of certain metals present in specific foods (Chapter 132V, Schedule 2).

Moreover, we also update the nutrition facts of our new season Spring Honey, the main sugar is Fructose (38.7%) and Glucose (33.7%). It shows that our Honey is rich in nutrients, and is one of the best healthy natural product, good for moisture body.

The Bees working really hard every day, they have to visit many flowers to produce the honey. So in the honey, you can get the rich Vitamin, Fructose, Glucose, Organic acid, Trace elements beneficial to human health.

From a health perspective, Glycemic index of honey is less than white sugar. Which mean when your body absorb the honey, the blood sugar level will not rise up suddenly. It can help to control the blood sugar and body weight.