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Welcome to our BEE Land Tour,
Learn More about How to Keep BEE in Hong Kong.

Spring, is the swarm season for the bees. They try to breed the next generation, the old queen will leave the egg and working bee for the next queen. At the same time the old queen will try to find another place to grow her kingdom again.For the Bee keeper, of course we want to keep more bees, so we will collect it back and keep in the other bee hive. This is the video to show us how to collect it.春天,是蜜蜂分蜂的季節。為了哺育下一代,老蜂后會留下一眾工蜂和蛋給準備出生的新蜂后。同時自己會和少量工蜂找尋新地方再建立它的新王國。養蜂人當然想養更多的蜂, 所以當發現在樹上有分蜂群的話, 會嘗試收集它們到一個新的蜂巢。這段片顯示了我們收蜂的過程。

Posted by ForME HONEY on 2015年5月5日
Our Bee working very hard in the BEE Land, just like the citizen in Hong Kong; They have to visit many flowers to harvest the honey every day. Thank you for all your support, ForME HONEY finally can develop and establish our BEE Land today. We believe our service still have a lot of room to improve, please kindly give us some advice in the future!

We would like to welcome all of you to visit BEE Land and share some interesting knowledge, look around the environment to see how we produce the honey with “0% of Metal Toxicity”. There are many rivers, pond, and some treasure plant, such as Chinese Herbal, Nepenthes next to the BEE Land. We will provide some little lesson for you, related to the Bee Life Cycle, their food sauce, the threat of predators, etc. Those knowledge you may not know in the school, after this sharing we hope that you can understand that each drop of honey is not that easy to harvest.

Wonderful Activities waiting for you

BEE Land Tour

There are a lot of fruit trees, herbs, and native plants growing surround our BEE Land, and a protected wild plant – Nepenthes also growing next to the river.

In one hour tour, we will have a professional tour guide to introduce the natural environment next to our BEE Land.

Little BEE Talk

* We will share many knowledge about “the Bee and Honey”.
* Presentation of Honey Bee and Bee Hive Product.
* Why the Honey Bee are so important for the nature

Get Fun with the BEE

As you come to The BEE Land, of course you would like to see our BEE as well. You could touch the Bee, feel the Bee walking on your hand.

We will provide the suitable protect equipment to you, you can closely observe the bee hive, to feel millions of bees flying next to you.

BEE Land Address
and Activity Time
ForME HONEY -- BEE Land located in Tuen Mun Wo Ping San Tsuen No.223. N.T.


– BEE Land Tour –
On Saturday and Sunday, departure each 2 hours, around 10 people per group (negotiable for big visiting groups). The tour around 1 hour, we have the tour guild to explain the natural environment to you.

– Little BEE Talk –
On Saturday and Sunday 11:30am and 3:30pm, around 30 mins for each session.

– Get Fun with BEE –
On Saturday and Sunday, From 10:30am to 4:00pm, we will provide suitable cloth for you, you can touch them under the safety environment.

-Still have other activity adding up, such as making Chinese traditional dessert, Bee hive painting, making bee wax candle, etc.

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