BEE Land Pollen Honey

花粉蜜內的花粉成分天然,採收於 ForME HONEY 自家蜂場,由蜂兒於大自然採蜜時帶回蜂巢時的花粉團,其主要成分是蛋白質、氨基酸、維生素等,其中一樣是提升人體的免疫力。花粉和蜂蜜一同食用能改善花粉的味道,並可增加花粉和蜂蜜的功效。

•  Hong Kong Local Harvest Honey  •

•  ForME HONEY start from the Family-owned beekeeping  •

•   190ml

When your spending* is at or above HK$650, you will be entitled to free delivery service.

For spending* less than HK$650, HK$150 delivery fee will be charged.



We have test the nutrition facts of the honey from “The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Limited”. The result is our honey is rich of glucose (33.7%) and fructose(38.7%), so can prove that ForME HONEY is one of the best choices of natural product!

•   ForME HONEY warm remind, honey is not suitable for the child under the age of 12 months old.