・Vanilla Lavender Infused Honey 40ml

Vanilla and Lavender, is a happy childhood taste in everyone’s memory.

We choose the Bulgarian organic lavender, and Madagascar vanilla pod, these two flavor can help for calm nerves and keep your skin beauty. Madagascar vanilla pod is the world know one of the best food ingredient. Some of the studies have pointed out, vanilla pods containing more than 250 kinds of aroma components as well as 17 kinds of essential amino acids, rich smell and with a high nutritional value.

•  Hong Kong Local Harvest Honey  •

•  ForME HONEY start from the Family-owned beekeeping  •

•   40ml

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When the aroma of vanilla and lavender mix with honey, it will make the sweet taste has more layer. Both of the smell can make you feel secure and comfortable. We believe this honey is a good partner before you get in bed. It’s also nice to combine with food, like spreading on Brie, cake or any other dessert. Or just easy to add to coffee or Earl Grey Tea also is a good suggestion.

•   ForME HONEY warm remind, honey is not suitable for the child under the age of 12 months old.